Welcome To Equality Together!

Today marks an historic day for disabled people in Bradford, a new organisation is officially born!  Three long standing organisations have joined forces to expand services for disabled people, their carers and families. Bradford Disability Services (known as DaB and DeB), CONTACT Peer Support and Bradford Alliance on Community Care became Equality Together and started to work as one organisation.  That becomes official today as an Extraordinary General Meeting ratifies these changes and Companies House and the Charity Commission will be notified. During the meeting, the all important name change to Equality Together was approved along with some changes to our Charitable Objectives, which now stand as:

a) To provide the relief of all people, who by reason on their disability, age, infirmity, sickness, social or economic circumstances, caring responsibilities, or who are socially excluded for other reasons; face barriers to accessing, or have a need of, health, social care or other related community services.

b)To promote education and provide information, advice, support and training, which will enable such people to respond to issues of concern and interest related to their care or to help them meet their needs and participate more fully in society and more specifically within their local communities. We also elected our new Chairperson, and we are pleased to announce that from today our new chair will be Gill Bowskill, who was previously the chair of BACC, and Peter Kay, the outgoing chair of Bradford Disability Services will serve as Vice Chair.

An exciting day!  We are glad you are sharing the journey with us, and if anyone has any questions or suggestions about Equality Together and the merger, please feel free to contact us and let us know.There is still work to be done, moves to be had and websites to be made, but watch this space as our new organisation spreads it’s wings

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