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Nowadays reliable online retail stores are a boon for people working from home especially from remote places where one needs to drive a few hours from home to reach a shop. A few days ago I too have been leisurely rambling around the Internet, shopping from the convenience of home when I noticed an interesting fact while indenting to buy some medical transcription books and a couple of medical transcription accessories.
Though the trend of Internet shopping and e-commerce started proliferating into the crowd from the early-mid 1990s itself and it is going to outpace the traditional styles of business and commerce in the years to come, to my surprise, I was able to find only a couple of such online stores in the medical transcription niche and an instantaneous flash in my mind “Hey, how about setting up an online medical transcription store where all the vendors could display their medical transcription accessories and products?
A complete shopping solution to meet the needs of medical transcriptionists!” However, along with it came the thought “With the meager business it will be bringing in, it will be tedious to maintain the inventory and drop shipment as a one-man show along with the full-time job as a medical transcriptionist.”
The next best alternative would be to become an affiliate of leading online retailers and build a niche store purely with medical transcription products, so that all those back office headaches will be taken care by the retailer and my responsibility is limited just to facilitate a display window; that’s the story of this small initiative of online medical transcription shop. It is a longtime dream of mine to convert MT Herald as a hub of medical transcription related activities, and let me hope this initiative will become another milestone in that journey.
I was working towards setting up this shop for the past few weeks, identifying reliable online stores, big names etc., getting in touch with online retail giants like Amazon, eBay, Chitika etc., and was able to get through only with Amazon. While eBay rejected my application for some unknown reason, Chitika informed closing down their affiliate venture ShopLinc. Hence finally tinkered an affiliate medical transcription store online with Amazon to begin with.
Medical Transcription Store At Amazon
Online Medical Transcription Store. Total Shopping Center for Medical Transcriptionists
One could find all the medical transcription ancillaries on Amazon such as medical transcription books, Stedman’s dictionaries (both electronic and paper), Quick Look Drug Reference (both electronic and paper), AAMT Book of Style, Dorland’s dictionary, Random House dictionaries, Merriam Webster’s dictionaries, headphones (hundreds of noise canceling headsets), foot pedals, computer peripherals, dictation equipments, softwares like Microsoft Office, Windows, Norton, McAfee, etc. Hence I have included whatever product related to medical transcription in this store so that you don’t have to wander around to fulfill your needs. The only disadvantage as of now is that I couldn’t open up multiple affiliate stores to compare the prices online itself for a best buy which I hope to make it soon. So for any of your medical transcription shopping needs, visit the Medical Transcription Store At Amazon. Find categorywise classification on the right side bar and zero in on your product.
The next time if you have any medical transcription need, think of this medical transcription store, come back here to MT Herald to find updated information about any offer, compare the prices and to have a best buy. Whenever, an offer on any medical transcription related product reaches me, I will be updating you through the proposed “Featured Products” page on the affiliate store.
For any missing products that I come to know, additions will be made down the lane. If you find any of your needs missing, reach me to include the missing ones. If you are a vendor happening to be here and would like to include any of your products here, please bring it to my attention.

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