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Norsk Luftambulanse

Norsk Luftambulanse is an organization that activates air ambulance planes and helicopters for the Norwegian. This organization is well known as the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation. There are about 800.000 members of this organization. The organization Norsk Luftambulans AS is performed the missions.

This organization activates a total of 13 planes. It is owned the air ambulance service named as SOS Flygambulans in the Swedish, who activate Beech King Air 200 airplanes. The complete organization has about sixty employees and has an income of 190 millions NOK.

The government of Norwegian has begun searching the possible methods for organizing ambulance service in Norway, in 1973. Prior to Government had taken a decision, the Norsk Luftambulanse organization had commenced in 1977 and offered one plane from its foundation at Lorenskog.

In 1983, the Government of Norway has begun providing services from the organization. In 1988, national ambulance service was commenced where the government purchased services from private organizations.

Three organizations had situated in 1993 on the domestic ambulance marked in Norway such as Lufttransport, Norsk Luftambulanse and Airlift. Norsk Luftambulanse has purchased airlift in 2002 and combined it with other missions. This corporation has purchased the SOS Flygambulans Company in the Swedish in 2004.


The organizations activate helicopters from its bases seven hospital in Norway such as Dombas, Lorenskog, Trondheim, Bergen, Forde, Al and Stavanger. It does not operate any fixed-wing helicopter themselves, although has agreements with the Danish airline Air Alsi and SOS Flygambulans of the Swedish for giving services if needed.

The organizations also offers the large numbers of operations to members that may include free first air courses and full day medicinal help line international.