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Cornwall Air Ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance was established on the first April of 1987. Actually, it was the initial helicopter emergency medicinal service in the UK. The County Air Ambulance provides supremely to a service of this air ambulance having:

  • Moorland fields, isolated beaches and cliff-tops, which are commonly unreachable by road
  • The largest scattered resident population, more of them are lived in inaccessible undeveloped societies.
  • Winding and narrow roads, which are mostly become congested with traffic jams in summer
  • Only two main emergency and accident hospitals are situated about 60 miles apart at Plymouth and Truro.


Cornwall Air Ambulance is established to be:

Fast in response – Cornwall Air Ambulance offers paramedic assist where it is required very promptly and then gives quickly transportation to hospital for the patients. The helicopter reaches within 12 minutes from the sight of the emergency or it is in the air within 2 minutes from getting a 999 call. The average trip time is about 11 minutes to reach the hospital with the patient.

Cost effective – although costing of Cornwall Air ambulance is seven times more as compared to county air ambulance, but it can give the same cover of double that number of usual air ambulances motor vehicles.

Dedicated to ambulance duties – Devoted to air ambulance responsibilities, the military or police helicopeters, which are used in some cases. Air ambulance is set, staffed by skill employees and is used in ambulance activities only.

The Aircraft

Cornwall Air Ambulance uses the helicopter named as BOLKOW 105 DBS and it has the following:

  • Capability to bring at least two stretcher patients
  • High set tail and main rotor blades, with the intention that patient can bring in security with the running engines
  • Double jet engines are used to allow night operations and security if needed to do that.
  • Skid landing gear with every types of landscape to manage
  • Unusual clam-shell doors for allowing simple bringing of patients at the rear
  • High maneuverability and compact dimensions are used for operating in more spaces
  • The speed of helicopter is about 140 mph
  • This ambulance can be covered the complete county in below 20 minutes from its base at RAF St. Mawgan and reach within 28 minutes to the Isles of Scilly
  • All tools are found with other important objects on front-line air ambulance

The Aircrew

Cornwall air ambulance has the pilot with two paramedics, which are skilled in provided urgent treatment such as defidrilation, infusion and intubation at the sight of the emergency. They also experience training in air law, navigation and air safety as section of their education to become a member of an air ambulance staff.

There is a team of 18 paramedics who are working on a replacement basis on this air ambulance. Presently, the average cost of every operation is more than £ 65,000 every month for this ambulance.